6 Tips On How To Get A One Night Stand

One night stand can happen easily nowadays, thanks to online dating sites. I know many have been spending hours behind computers searching for beautiful women online to have sex. However, this is especially for those who have been experiencing boring sex with their partners. Also, after a nasty break up, you need someone to warm your bed and give everything you have missed for several days. All you need to do is identifying a good site, sign up, and start finding women. After spotting a sexy chick, make good plans to meet either in a bar or hotel for a dinner. To get a one night stand is an art in itself, which require certain strategies, attitudes, and techniques. I have unfolded several approaches that will definitely help you take home a hot chick, and warm your bed tonight.

1. Be adventurous

After meeting the woman in a bar as earlier planned, don’t be dull. Make her feel and experience lots of fun. Some guys are too fast such that they will start wild behavior while in the bar or pub. Try to be mature and decent. Let her enjoy the drinks, and maintain communication touching on all areas of events. Keep her at suspense and in sexual tension. Don’t be afraid to talk about sex, but don’t overdo it. Ensure she is not emotionally for sex while in the bar. You can touch her, but if she is not willing, respect her because may be she is afraid of doing that while in public.

first hook up

first encounter

2. Choose a convenient meeting place

If she has accepted to meet you, try to convince her to meet at the place you feel convenient. Sometimes it is better to choose a bar located near your dwelling place. Don’t forget that you will be leaving the bar late at night; therefore, your home should be as near as possible. However, tell her everything concerning the location even before meeting. I don’t like to let her strain too much travelling from her place, only to find that I avoided the distance. Try to convince her about the meeting place, and of course, she will love it. Remember, no strings attached!

3. Unavoidable circumstances

Sometimes, you will have no option other than going to her place. If you live with your parents or you have relatives/roommates, going to her house can be a best decision to avoid embarrassment. Some guys leave in the suburbs while the woman is leaving in town/city, this can be a good reason to visit her house instead. However, you need to be careful when visiting her place. If she is married, ensure that his husband is not coming. Inquire deeply from her, so that you don’t take risks. Remember you may face legal charges when found in someone’s house!

4. Don’t forget it is a one night stand deal

This is not a long term relations I am looking for, and the woman should be aware of this. Sometimes, women may need to make it a regular game. If I am a married man, then this can be one of the most risky things that can ruin my marriage within a day. So, I must avoid anything like getting attached. Tell her what you want, and find out if she is willing. Some women are also married, and they won’t accept getting attached. Don’t allow yourself to get attached with someone’s wife. Enjoy the one time sex, and forget about her.

nsa casual sex

one time sex

5. Do what she wants

If planning to meet in a bar, this is a good idea after all. However, don’t forget women are different. Some will give excuses about what happened while drunk. Don’t press her to drink alcohol, but if she insists, let her take a few shots with you. Don’t hesitate to ask her if alcohol is fine with her, because she might lose her consciousness, even before going home. I know most women are very sexually active after taking a shot! Be ready to have it all tonight…

6. Leave before she gets drunk

Since I have met her the first time, I don’t let her get drunk while in the bar. You don’t know her very well; so, lead her towards home before she turns against your will. Take control of everything, bearing in mind that she is very new to you. I have experience with a woman who I met for a one night stand. She requested me to take her back to her own house after she got drunk; therefore, be cautioned in advance.After meeting a woman online, it is good to tell her what you want. I met a woman through one of the naughty dating sites, and she was extremely willing to meet me for a one night stand. However, I never informed her that I am married. She met me in a hotel, and we later went to my house since my wife was on a business trip abroad. In morning, she refused to leave because she was looking for a relationship. It took me some time to convince her to leave, but I blew my trumpet not take risks again.

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The Best Naughty Dating Sites For Canadians

If you are looking for naughty dating sites in Canada, then I have three recommendations for you based from http://get-laid-online.ca/best-adult-dating-sites. All of these sites will give you a lot of fun with a lot of women. I always look for two things when recommending sites. One is plenty of female members. All of these sites fall into that criteria. Secondly, I look for what the women on these sites get up to, and are up for. Again, on these sites all of the women are horny as hell, so you will get exactly what you want, no matter how sordid and naughty it might be.


Establishedmen is a new site in Canadian dating circles, but looks to be exactly the type of site that the country needs to spice up the adult dating scene. The name says it all really. This is not a romantic site at all, and is all about skipping the date part of a date and just going straight to the sex. If you are looking for a new hook up site to use then this could the one for you.This site is all about no strings attached fun. It is quick and simple to set up an account on this site, and the plus of the straightforwardness of the site is that there is no beating around the bush. Everyone is there for sex and no one has to hide the fact. This can be seen most clearly in how open people are on the site. They share a lot. Establishedmen has a number of message boards and chat rooms that are full of people talking sex. This type of dating site isn’t for everyone, but if you are open about your sex life then it is probably a good site to use.The site is still growing so don’t expect the high numbers you see on other sites. It also comes down on the expensive side for an adult dating site, but I think that reflects the quality of the site and the type of people that are using. Therefore, if you have the money and you are very open about your sex life and are looking to hook up with other like minded people easily, the Establishedmen is for you.

hornywife 1


Horny Wife

Horny Wife is one for the specialists. This site is populated by housewives that are looking for a little bit more fun in their life. Do not mistake this for fat older ladies. The women looking for sex on this site are as hot as on any other. Some of them definitely come into the category of milf, where they might be a little bored at home and are looking to spice things up in their sex lives without their husbands knowing. This site seems particularly big in Victoria.Others look like they are too young to be married. In these cases, I think they have obviously got married too young and are now trying to have the youth that they are missing, by joining this site and have as much naughty fun as possible.


EroticAds is the future of adult and casual dating. I am sure that in five years time there will be now actual sites for dating, only apps like this. Their convenience, ease of use, and speed mean that they make it much easier to get laid whenever you want.EroticAds is a dating app that works by using your phones position to determine whether other people in your location are also up for sex. Any other EroticAds users around you will show up on the map on the app and then you can decide if you like the look of them or not. If the two of you feel the same way, then you are only moments from each other and can easily get together. Once you have gotten over the pleasantries, you can head to whoever’s home is closer. Dating and hooking up has never been so simple.The great thing about this is that it works everywhere. Whereas with a dating site you are confined to your computer and home, you can check out EroticAds wherever you are, at home, at work, at the gym and see who is about. Can you imagine how thrilled you’d be if the hottie next to you on the treadmill was on the app and looking for a different type of workout? Using this app you can find sex literally wherever you go, and you will never have to worry about getting laid ever again. Like I say, it is the future of the hook up.

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The HTC One Mini – What Rumors Should You Believe

Fans of cut-priced flagship smartphones have been eyeing on a mini version of the much celebrated HTC One. Dubbed as the HTC One mini, this rumored smartphone continues to proliferate in internet websites as fans are still waiting for its official announcement. Though the likeliness of this smartphone to enter the market is very high, it still is not proven until verified from the company themselves. But with the appearance of leaked screenshots and new of HTC One mini, we should separate the rumors for what should we believe.

What We Know About Release Dates

The hype of HTC One Mini’s release date is pretty high, but until now, there is still no definite release date for this much-awaited gadget. Rumors have been spreading around that this device will compete hand in hand with the S4 Mini, but the S4 Mini’s now out in the market and there are still no clear dates for the HTC One Mini. Experts however, have speculated that an announcement can be possibly made on September, in time for the IFA 2013, as it is the most strategic and credible venue to announce such a sought-after phone.

HTC One mini name and 720p display confirmed by User Agent Profile

HTC One mini name and 720p display confirmed by User Agent Profile

Speculation towards Its Specifications

A general trend about “mini” versions of flagship phones is that it should look the same as their predecessor. The specs however, are minimized that to half: HD resolution is sized down from 1080 to 720. Quad cores and Octa-cores become dual-cores, and cameras are dramatically reduced. With that being said, it is speculated by experts that the processor would be a dual-core chip, with a 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor. The Operating system however remains largely the same, as customers will probably get an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean to power these gadgets. It is also rumored to have a 16 GB internal storage.

Great Hardware Design for a Great Sucessor

It is safe to say that if the HTC One Mini will follow the trend of the “Mini” versions, they would probably have the same design that of its older brother. It will probably have a slick, premium body, with its metallic chassis intact. Various leaks from all over the web also have the consistent report of having a 4.3 inch 720p resolution display. The dual front-facing speakers of the original version may probably make its way to the mini, as it has been proven to be one of HTC One’s biggest selling points. The smaller body however, tends to lean on the possibility of a smaller battery, rumored to be around 1700 mah.

Rumor: HTC will follow suit with a “Google Edition” of the One

Rumor: HTC will follow suit with a “Google Edition” of the One

Whatever the rumors are, it is safe to say that once the HTC One Mini hits the market, it can definitely compete with the mid-range smartphone competitors. The sales demand and popularity of the HTC One also suggests that the HTC One Mini is not only a possibility, but a necessity. What we should all do is to wait for official announcements from HTC themselves.

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Your Crush Avoids You Lately? Blame It On Playing Hard!

You have a crush on someone or you might be in the phase of initial dating. Everything seems to be going smoothly between you two and you spend endless nights thinking about how to bring your date closer to you or how to make your crush swoon over you, isn’t it? That’s kind of a sweet phase and marks the beginning of your relationship. You are playing your cards right and following the age old advice of playing hard initially to arouse curiosity, attraction and desire. Some people may like challenging situations but it might backfire on you terribly.

Partner may perceive it as lack of interest

While playing hard to get, you don’t show over enthusiasm on meeting the person and you pretend to be less available for your partner. But you might not realize the damage that you are doing by not picking up calls frequently and never making any first move. You partner might think that you are just not interested in dating anymore. You might be giving be the signal unknowingly that you are bored and your partner’s company doesn’t matter much to you. This can make your partner to call off the date!

Why I Never Play Hard To Get

Why I Never Play Hard To Get

Your wrong image might be presented

It takes lot of time and effort to create a good and kind image. But it takes a matter of few seconds to make others perceive you as an egoistic, spoilt brat. Your ignorance might be perceived as haughtiness and misbehavior by your partner who might value etiquettes a lot.

So, it’s essential to gauge the psychology of your partner before engaging into the playful thing of playing hard to get.

Other person might try to do the same!

This is a unique case which might happen when both the partners hold their esteem really high and are not used to being ignored. In that case if a partner tries to play hard to get, then instead of chasing the other person, he might feel like taking small emotional revenge by doing the same. This will not only create misunderstandings and serious rifts but the innocence would be taken out of a beautiful blooming relationship.

How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Partner

How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Partner

Playing hard to get might arouse suspicion

It’s a known fact that suspicion has destroyed many cute love stories and has brought pain. But have you ever thought that playing hard to make yourself more desirable might cause suspicion in your partner’s mind that your heart conceals someone else inside it. This would happen if your partner is already very possessive and he may not take your playing hard to get in correct stride. Not all men like chasing!

The emotional bond may not develop

Initial period of a relationship is the foundation of a strong bond between partners. Lots of love, care, affection, kindness, giving etc is required at that time. But if someone chooses to play hard to be emotionally or physically unavailable then the beautiful feeling of love and the magic of caressing, touch etc would never develop. The ill effects of it will show in the long run.

Maybe playing hard is the trick for many couples who are dating but the fact can’t be ignored that it can make you emotionally and physically distant from your partner. It also depends on the type of person you are dating and the rules in love aren’t same for everyone. So understanding its ill effects and being cautious is the best thing.

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Personal Trainer: Do You Really Need One?

Most of the time you know what is best for you especially as far as your health and fitness is concerned. However getting to that most appropriate shape may not be as simple as you imagine. It may require systematic exercising that is focused on the parts that you want reduced for example. That is why a personal trainer becomes an important investment, and especially if you have your eye on getting and maintaining a fit and lean figure.

Who is a personal trainer?

With the advent of technology this can refer to a person in one sense and an application in another. Practically every gym has a personal trainer or at least a team of them who specialize in taking you through different workouts to achieve particular results. Currently such sessions are also video recorded and sold to people as an application that runs on your smart phone or desktop. However it is also possible to develop full multimedia 3D applications that simulate the various workout sessions that you can undertake as demonstrated by the program. Therefore you may just have a digital personal trainer in form of an application.

Do you need to sack your trainer?

Do you need to sack your trainer?

What does a personal trainer do?

While exercising you want to achieve a particular goal. Most of the time you are exercising so that you can cut undesirable weight or maintain a lean body or figure. Whatever the case you are looking at a figure that you want to cut out and maintain at all costs. Well the first process when you take on exercising would be to achieve the desired figure or weight. After this is done you must continue with a different set of exercises to maintain this desired weight or figure. Therefore a personal trainer will ensure that you are strictly following up to achieve the objectives of the exercise. They will remind you where you have done well and where you need to improve.

Is a personal trainer a necessity?

Most of the times when you take up a fitness program you are looking at the end result. You sometimes imagine that certain workout machines are suitable for you just the way you perceive that certain exercise will yield the best results. However, doing all these without guidance can be a big problem. You may end up spending so much and achieving so little that you eventually burn out that is if you have not hurt yourself yet.

Do You Really Need A Work Out Personal Trainer?

Do You Really Need A Work Out Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is a professional trained to help you choose the most suitable fitness program to achieve the results you want. The trainer will pick the right equipment and exercise for you and schedule these exercises according to the results ensuring that you do not hurt yourself. With a trainer the exercising becomes fun as you are guided and encouraged by your trainer through the paces.

It is obvious that when you want to get results and are trying out something for the first time you will do with a lot of guidance from people who know or have the experience. The same is the case with any fitness program that will require you to have a personal trainer to get the desired results in the shortest time possible without injuring yourself.

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Avoiding Travel Scams While On A Vacation Trip

It’s always nice to get out of the boring and polluted city life and go on a vacation trip to somewhere peaceful and relaxing. You can go to the beach, party clubs, or on other tourists spots however you wish to spend your vacation.

The important thing in the end is you want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and have lots of fun. It always starts with preparing for everything you need before proceeding like flight plans, packing up, booking reservation hotels, and more.

The one terrible thing that could go wrong is if you’re caught off guard and god scammed. If you are not careful and seem vulnerable to scam people, you can be an easy target for them. It is important to be always prepared whenever you’re in other places you’re not familiar with.

$10 billion lost per year in travel scams

$10 billion lost per year in travel scams

Credit Card Scam

Money is the root of all evil for thieves. Always be careful with your credit card because scammers will look forward to getting any amount of it. If someone calls regarding concerns on your credit card number and that there is a slight problem on its verification, never give your credit number not even a small portion of it.

The best thing you can do is to go down to the desk office and face the clerk to deal with any confusion regarding your credit card personally. Sometimes they take advantage to those who are not aware of it. Check you payment details regularly.

Offering Help

When you’re in a crown especially in common places such as the market, always stay alert for pick pockets and make sure you have your things secured or at hand with you. Sometimes these thieves bump you and offer help in return. Do not let them touch you in any way even if they’ve spilled something on you.

Do not put all your money in one place on you especially inside your wallet. Divide them in other places such as in your pockets, shorts, shirt, and other areas where it can be safe. This will confuse and make them think they’ve took all your money at once.

5 Unexpected Travel Scams

5 Unexpected Travel Scams

Taxi Cab Scam

Being scammed on a taxi is a very common thing. Do not accept help from those who offer to take you for a ride wherever you want to go. Remember, scammers also pose as taxi drivers. Therefore, it is not safe because you are not only endangering you money, but also yourself in the process.

Check for the taxi’s company name and car number, don’t get in if these are not visible or present. Look closely on the meter drive so that the driver won’t hike it up another rate until your reach your destination.

It is always very assuring if you know what to do in these instances. You will then enjoy a lovely summer vacation trip without worrying about anything. Just relax, enjoy, and have lots of fun.

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Men Vs. Women: Who Makes Better Entrepreneurs?

In the world of entrepreneurship, it is common to think that this arena is dominated by men. Although women are part of the race, statistics show that out of 4 enterprises in America, only 1 is run by lady bosses. However, the population of female-owned companies is raising rapidly, enough to generate the male bosses a nervous laugh. Does this mean women make better entrepreneurs, or the males are still the kingpins in the business sector? Before coming into a conclusion, let us analyze the facts behind men and women entrepreneurs.

Reasons for Starting the Business

Women have this tendency to start a business because they want to be challenged after they have mastered the art of family life. Even if their business started years ago when they were still single, they tend to remain on hiatus when starting out a family. Therefore, their primary focus remains on the husband and kids because, as we all know, women are the default homemakers. As a result, women start a business that does not require for them to be on the road for weeks. On the other hand, men begin a company because they want to amass huge profits. It does not matter if the business asks them to travel for an extended period of time as long as the return of investment triples.

Gender-Based Influences in Entrepreneurship

Gender-Based Influences in Entrepreneurship

Skills in Business Operations

In family-run enterprises, the head of the business usually takes their son at an early age and begin the entrepreneurship education. This means that business has become an early target and succeeding it is a longtime priority for men. Men are encouraged to take business-related degrees and attend business workshops on their teens. Meanwhile, women tend to begin exploring the world of business after they have settled and their kids are a little bit older. Generally speaking, men run a certain business because they already have a similar experience prior to establishing it while women will run a business because they have flair for its niche and it almost feel like running a household.

Running the Actual Business

Women are great multitaskers, and the world is thankful for that. However, this character makes or breaks them as company bosses. Their tendency to do all tasks at hand might cost their efficiency and effectiveness. Balancing family life and their company might stretch them a little bit too thin. Men, on the other hand, will try to delegate as many tasks as they could so they can focus on overseeing the entire operation of the company.

Are men better entrepreneurs and leaders than women?

Are men better entrepreneurs and leaders than women?

So who is the better boss? Truth is, there is no better entrepreneur because both genders have unique abilities and characters as bosses. Men and women have what it takes to be world tycoons and business leaders. It is only a matter of choice which “boss style” you prefer.

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